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Invoice Factoring Can Help Fund Your Business

Alliance One is a New York Based Factoring Company.  With over 40 Years experience in the Financial Industries.  We offer invoice factoring in all 50 States. 


Factoring is when you sell your accounts receivable at a discounted rate, (to an invoice factoring company) for immediate cash.  After you provide a product or service, you send an invoice to your customer and then you wait to get paid.  When you sell your aging invoices to Alliance One LLC, you no longer have to wait for your customers to pay you. We purchase your invoices and advance you the money so you no longer have to wait to get paid.  Alliance One LLC is not a collection company, we do not call your clients demanding payments, we are simply your financial partner, will the sole purpose of making sure you are cash flow positive.

You sell us your open invoices, we verify that the products have been delivered or that the services have been rendered and then we send you your money.  We advance you up to 90% of the invoice face amount within 24 hours of the verification of each invoice.  The other 10% will go into a reserve account and will be held your account until we are paid.  After your customer/s (our debtor/s) pays the invoices to Alliance One LLC, we release the reserve money that we are holding back to you. When you factor your invoices, you are always only one day away from getting your money.  If you choose to sell your accounts receivable to Alliance One LLC, we will offer you the most competitive rates in the industry with the highest advance rates. You sell us an invoice today, we fund it within 24 hours.

Business financing comes in many shapes and forms, what works for one company might not be right for another.  Smart business owners want to know about all of their financial options before choosing the vehicle that will take their business to the next level; is  invoice factoring right for you and your business?


Did you know that in most cases accepting cards costs more than it does to factor your invoices?  The average credit card processing fees range between 2.5% and 3.5%.  Most merchant accounts also charge you a transaction fee and monthly junk fees. If you currently accept credit cards but you are nervous about the cost to factor, you shouldn't be.  If your customers are net 30 day payers, factoring will normally always be less expensive than accepting credit card payments.  Factoring only becomes more expense if you have longer net paying customers.  The great news about factoring with Alliance One LLC is... You get to pick and choose the customers that you want to factor.  If you have some customers that are on a net 90 and do not want to incur a higher factoring fee, you do not have to sell us the invoices from these customers. 


A bank line of credit will normally always be most cost effective method of financing but do you qualify for a loan and if so, will you get the amount that you need?  When was the last time you applied for a bank line of credit?  if you have not applied in a while, below is what you will need.

1. A minimum of two years in business
2. Two full years of tax returns that show profits
3.  A very high personal credit score
4.  Three months of business bank statements
5.  Assets for the bank to have security

Face the facts, banks only want to give you cash, when you no longer need it.  If you do qualify for a loan, it is almost never in the amount of money that you actually need and you will wait for months to get approved.  There is a reason why bank money comes at a lower cost than most other forms of financing; it's because only the elite businesses qualify.  If you are among the small percent of businesses that qualify for a bank line of credit (for the amount that you need), this will be the least expensive option for your company.

We provide invoice factoring for small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses; no invoice is too small or too large.  If your company is open for a day or 10 years, if you have great credit or less than good credit then we are the right company for you.  Alliance One is an accounts receivable factoring company, we are a New York based AR financing company and we provide factoring services in all 50 states.  If you need a quick financing solution, commercial factoring might be right for your business, call us today, we are ready to purchase your invoices.

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